A 5 Day Adventure Challenge for men ready to test their limits, raise their standards & build their mental toughness


A 5 day adventure challenge for men ready to test their limits, raise their standards & build their mental toughness

2024 Challenge dates

  • March 14th-19th: SOLD OUT

  • ​May 9th-14th: 5 spots remaining

  • ​July 11th-16th: SOLD OUT

  • ​October 17th-22nd: 8 spots remaining

  • Location: Malaga Andalusia

This is one of the toughest physical and mental challenges you’ll experience and it’s designed that way to help you:

  • Dismantle your self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

  • Gain clarity in your life’s work and purpose.

  • Train your mental toughness and ability to endure challenges to the level of a well respected Military Leader.

  • Heal wounds around self worth, loneliness and not enoughness.

  • Build an unbreakable character of real confidence and resilience that you can truly respect and be proud of.

  • Dig deep and pin point exactly what is holding you back from achieving greater levels of success both personally and professionally and face it head on.

The Wildman Challenge is a 5-day physical, Mental and Emotional Training ground for men who want to test themselves to go beyond their perceived current edges and live a life with deeper meaning, fulfilment, connection and purpose.

Hear what past participants have to say.

Mitchel Farnol

- Founder of NICCE and former CEO

Ashley Green

- Coach and Business Owner

Lucas Saldana

- Fitness Coach

Become more of the man you not only know you can be ……….but must become, for yourself and the ones you love most.

It’s not just about the 5 days … There is the 3 month preparation phase before you even show up to the Challenge where you will start seeing massive results straight away as we physically and mentally prepare you for your event.

Then there is the choice to make a commitment to your ongoing development and join our private group of Leading Men who are continuously pushing boundaries to develop and raise their standards to uncommon levels in a supportive community of blokes just like you.

This is a coaching and mentorship group focused on developing the man FIRST.

Before the bank account, business and relationships……..They become the byproducts of the man you build.

(Think a mix between a Spartan race, SAS who dares wins and a multi-day endurance event)

Note: Details of the Challenge are kept to a minimal on purpose, this is by design and why we have an interview process to answer questions and explain the intentional structure of the Challenge.

Take 2 minutes to Fill out your application and one of our team Leaders will be in touch.

Your Challenge Leaders.

Craig Barlow

A 13 year Royal Navy Veteran.3 Medals, 2 Wars and a sinking ship.

Has an extensive background within Military Leadership and mental resiliency tactics.

Brings simple yet profoundly effective strategies and tools to Leaders via onlinecoaching/mentorship and in person Leading Edge Adventure Experiences.

A personal coach/mentor to C-Suite Executives, Leaders of organisations and teams, members of affluent families.

Has the ability to apply very simple and directly actionable frameworks to help navigate any situation or challenge in personal life and business

Callum Hardingham 

15 years as a fitness professional.

12 years as a leadership performance and behavioural change coach to 8-9 figure CEOS. 

As the founder of the Inner Leadership Coaches Academy Certification, Callum’s worked with 100s of humans from all of the globe to master the minds and bodies and has been shaping leaders in the coaching world for 10 years. 

An experienced speaker on prominent UK wellbeing stages, Callum combines his wealth of experience in martial arts, extreme sports, and both Eastern and Western psychology inspiring transformative growth in individuals and organisations..

This Leading Edge Experience IS NOT for anyone who is just starting their self development journey.

This in-depth experience is for men who are tired of their excuses and want to push beyond their current limitations to play life full out.

You’ve been playing the lone wolf, struggling in silence and isolation, trying to figure everything out on your own for far too long. With your current mental and emotional capacity some days you’re barely holding it together.

It doesn't have to be that way!

You have already achieved a respectable level of success but feel like there is still something missing and know you are leaving so much of yourself on the table of unrealised potential. 

You Know That If You Can Find Your Edge, Overcome Your Current Limitations And Push Beyond, You Can Have The Business And The Personal Life You’ve Always Wanted.

It’s Closer Than You Think.

You just need an environment to find that edge, to push beyond it and you’ll have the big breakthrough that you’re looking for…

…and it’s only then that you will overcome the self sabotaging mindset that’s destroying your most valued relationships and your Business/Leadership.

When you push beyond your edge you’ll overcome your vice dependencies, limiting beliefs and upper limits so that you can become the husband, the father, the man that you can truly respect and admire.



Event Date: May 9th - 14th, 2024


Almost Complete...

​Location: Malaga Andalusia


Event Date: October 17th- 22nd, 2024


Almost Complete...

​Location: Malaga Andalusia


You'll have an interview call scheduled with one of our Challenge Leaders to decide if this is a good fit for you. If so we will get you signed up and started straight away.

The challenge + 3 month pre event training to prepare you is £2,500 for solo. Group of 2. £4,500 (£2250 pp) 10% Discount. Group of 3. £6,375 (£2125 pp) 15% Discount. Group of 4. £8,000 (£2000 pp) 20% Discount. (Bigger teams/groups can be facilitated for on request) Payment plans available.

Once you're signed up four things happen...
1. You are assigned a mentor who will set you up with physical, nutritional, and mental training so that you can get ´Wildman Ready´for the Challenge as well as for the rest of your NEW life.

2.You are given a kit list of what to bring with you as well as details for where to fly into and meet up.

3. You will be sent the required waivers and liability forms to read through and sign.

4. You will be added to a private message group for all comms and logistics.

When you complete the Challenge, you have the option to continue onto the 12- month-long program.. This 12-month in-depth coaching and mentorship program focuses on developing an even higher level of personal excellence, self-mastery and Leadership that you have already tapped into on the Challenge.

No, you do not need to be an athlete. However you do need to be conditioned to do mountain hikes, carry some fairly heavy shit like logs and boulders,, jogs, push-ups, and a variety of body weight exercises.
But don't worry if you don't feel like you're there yet, when you sign up we'll have you covered with everything you need to get ´Wildman Ready´before you even show up for the Challenge. Programs, nutrition, habits, mindset, all the support you'll need.

18 years old.

4 full days, with an arrival day and departure day either side of those 4 full days. This includes time out in the mountains in the south of Spain and the compound completing challenges, time cooking and eating together, as well as seated learning and deeper work as a group.

Yes. If for some reason you can't make it you can transfer to a future Challenge.

Yes. Discounts are ONLY given to Veterans and First Responders.

Your airfare is NOT included. Your food, accommodation and transportation during the Challenge are included.

Expect to be continuously physically, mentally and emotionally challenged. Expect to find an edge within yourself that you didn't even know you had, then take that home and implement into your day to day life.

No, It's much more than that.
The Challenge is a personal growth and business development program for men that utilizes physical activity as well as education, lessons, and journaling to help you experience massive growth in your leadership, mindset, business, fitness, family, and personal drive.

In the mountains of Andalusia, south of Spain, just outside of Malaga. (You will fly into Malaga)

The official start is on arrival day at 5pm. The official finish is 5pm on the final evening before departure day

You lose the opportunity to transfer to another event and no refunds will be given

All programs purchased through Wildman Challenge are non-refundable. You will have the opportunity to transfer your fee to another Challenge if you have given proper notice before the event. (4 weeks before the event starts)

When you complete the Wildman Challenge, you will have destroyed the old version of yourself and engineered the new 2.0 man you want to become.

You will “Find Your Edge” , push way past it straight into your higher self so thatyou can become a man who is congruent with not only his core values……….. 
But first build upon a foundation of core Masculine Leadership Virtues that everyman requires. Strength, Courage, Mastery, Honor.



You can continue to suffer in silence, numbing yourself with vices, and lone wolfing your way through your life getting the same results.


You can make the decision and commit to pushing yourself beyond your blindspots, bullshit, excuses and find out what you’re truly capable of

Take 2 minutes to fill out your application and one of our team Leaders will be in touch.

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